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Food from your Local Chefs

Does a busy schedule keep you away from your kitchen?

What can you do?

Select a Kitchen Profile

Profiles belong to home-chefs/local chefs.


Pre-order few hours or days ahead in advance. The profiles give you all the information that you need.

Track with Saavor

Pick up or Track with Saavor Runner as they bring your order to your door.

Our Home-Kitchens / Local Food Vendors

Food Safety

Our partners are vetted and all our chefs have their food-handlers license. All our partners understand the importance of food safety, hygiene and the requirements of their customers. Some of the Local Chefs also operate from a licensed commercial kitchen facility. Food law changes from state to state.


We ensure that our kitchens have the proper permits to operate their business. Our partners have been inspected for compliance and have the required permits by their respective state’s health department.

The Menu

We have a wide variety of menu options, most of which are set at low prices.

Marketplace Highlights

Saavor is a great resource for individuals and businesses looking for a good home-cooked or locally prepared food.


Our local chefs/home chefs are not having a regular brick and mortar facilities like other food establishments. Hence they need to know the orders ahead in advance to prepare your food with at most care and caution.

Know your local Chefs

You can get to know your chefs, and their story via the app and our social media platforms. There is a good level of transparency between our chefs and the customers.

Food Delivery

Choose a pick up or a delivery option on our app.

Amazing Features

Saavor is a great resource for individuals and businesses looking for a good home-cooked or locally prepared food.

Filter Button

Use the toggle button on the right top corner of the screen to search through the list you desire.

Schedule Orders

You can book in advance for the food you want delivered and set your own delivery time at the checkout.

Bookmark Your Orders

Use this feature so you can re-order again with ease.

Rate and Review

You can rate and review the services provided to help others in your community. We keep a close eye on your reviews and immediately address any issues.

Food Delivery

Saavor Runner delivers your order fast for the best Saavoring experience.