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Saavor Bistro

Share your love of food. Accepting passionate applicants.

How to get started

Download the app

Saavor Bistro is now available to download on android and iTunes.

Register your Kitchen

Complete the application and submit it. If needed, we will also guide you on how to get the approval from your state health department.

Wait for approvals and permits

It takes up to 5 days to clear the vetting process at Saavor and up to 2 weeks to get permits from the health department to sell food from home if you are operating a home-kitchen.

Customize and advertise

Once approved, you can customize your profile and start promoting on our app. Make sure you have the minimal labeling and packaging of your goods as per the requirements of the state.



Sell food conveniently from your home or commercial kitchens.

Home Kitchen Permits

We will guide you on how to get the permits from your state’s health department. Learn More

Create Your Saavorful Menu

Change it. Test it. Love it - anytime at your convenience.

Cut Off time

Set your last order time so that you get to know what the order size looks like when you kitchen is open for delivery.

Create Simple Promotions

You not only get to feature your menu but you can also advertise any promotions or discounts that your kitchen has to offer.

Delivery Made Easy

You can either deliver the food or get help from our Saavor Runners to deliver on your behalf with no extra charge. Saavor it!

Saavor’s Promotions

You will be notified of any promotions we have to offer for our customers and its duration. These promotions are split in half with you to boost the business.

Transaction Fees

We offer competitive rates for every Saavor order you recieve.


Open/Close your Kitchens with ease

You can easily adjust the operating hours of your kitchen at your convenience.