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Saavor Bistro

Share your love of food. Accepting passionate applicants.

Partnership Opportunities

Meals to Individuals

Sell meals to individuals around you via our marketing outreach efforts.

Meals to organizations

Sell meals to organizations with or without our help. The members of that facility you partner up with will only be able to see your kitchen profile.

Multiple accounts Under One Profile

Maintain and manage your different profiles and team member’s access all under one account. Profiles can have different menu and operations time based on the requirements of your target market.

Track your Revenue Streams

To track several profiles we provide you access to dashboard where you can see your sales and track operations from the backend and also manage them with ease.



Sell food conveniently from your home or licensed kitchens and manage your profile as per your requirements with ease.

Home Kitchen Permits

We will guide you on how to get the permits from your state’s health department. Learn More

Multiple menus under one account

If you wish to target more than just your neighborhood community and maintain business partnerships profile you can do so at Saavor.


You can take orders either on an on-demand or pre-orders basis towards a business account. Customize the account as per your client’s requirements.

Saavor Dashboard

Track all your revenue breakdowns and manage user profiles towards each of your business partnerships via our dashboard.

Create Simple Promotions

You not only get to feature your menu but you can also advertise any promotions or discounts that your kitchen has to offer.

Delivery Made Easy

You can either deliver the food or get help from our Saavor Runners to deliver on your behalf with no extra charge. Saavor it!


Reach out to us for more opportunities via our business partnerships.

Saavor’s Promotions

You will be notified of any promotions we have to offer for our customers and its duration. These promotions are split in half with you to boost the business.