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Discover now by saavor

Now anyone can be a Saavor Chef or a Mixologist.

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Our Saavor kitchens are open for everyone, not just professionals.

Promote Yourself

Let people know how passionate you are at what you do and improve your art.


Manage your schedule and bookings according to your convenience. Set the rates and provide discounts as you please.

Ratings and Reviews

At Saavor our standards are high, so should yours. You are being judged and critiqued constantly by your customers. Feed your passion. Better ratings equals more bookings.


Register on the app as an individual or a company. There is a thorough background check in the application process.


The following services are open to everyone.

Saavor Chef

Show off your culinary skills as a Saavor chef in your neighborhood.


Are you a professional mixologist or just starting out? Discover Now is the right platform to feature your expertise and talent. Make that amazing Martini and cocktail and show them how good you really are.

We have started taking registrations.