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Saavor Runner

Take Runner for a spin and be a part of our amazing delivery service team

Saavor Runner

From our Saavor partners to your door step, Saavor Runner is the delivery arm that gets the food from the kitchen to the table. At Saavor, we believe in providing a reliable and cost-effective food ordering and delivery solution to match our fast-paced environment. Having our own delivery system gives us the freedom to provide the best customer experience. Our delivery personnel transport a single order at a time ensuring that we provide reliable and prompt service. You can provide the delivery method via: a car, motorcycle or a bicycle. The government does not allow us to use drones….what a buzz kill!


Saavor Runner is loaded with useful features, each one with its own meaningful purpose. We listened to our potential users and we incorporated them in our design.

Saavor Runners

As our partners you can manage your account with ease and provide your services as you please.

Earn More

Our partners take advantage of our nominal service fees. Manage your balance with ease and earn more on larger orders.

Accurate Tracking

We made it easier to track your route and we even consider the bridges or tunnels that you may cross.

Deliver Food

At Saavor, we are a little snobbish. We only provide service to the most passionate and discerning customers – Saavor customers!

How it works

Our app offers a reliable, high-performing solution to keep you on track, on time, and always connected.

Saavor Runners

Easily submit the registration form and your account will be active in 5-7 business days provided you clear a routine background check process.

Add Vehicle

Adding a vehicle is as easy as 1-2-3. No TLC license required. You can add a car, motorcycle or a bicycle.

Drive and Earn

Delivery fare starts with a pick up and delivery fee. A per quarter mile fare gets added to the total.