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Cottage food laws are strict. Be sure to abide by your state or county’s law. That being said…we are not in the business of policing anyone. We believe in the American spirit of trail blazing and going against the grain. So we urge you to use your best judgment and join us on our pad and let’s see what we can cook up together.

Please note that this page should not be taken as our legal advice or recommendations. This page is provided merely for convenience, but it is ultimately your obligation to ensure that you are fully aware of all the applicable regulations (state and local) and that you are complying with all such laws, rules and regulations.

Currently we are only launching in New York, but have great plans and intentions to come to a state near you. Please feel free to check back with us to see if we have come to your state. Below are links associated with the New York “Cottage Food Laws” governing the operation of home-based cooking and baking. In New York, without a proper exemption, the general rules under the Agriculture and Markets Regulations apply. New York provides for a “Home Processor Exemption” and registration process, which, generally speaking, allows for sales of home cooked/baked goods without the many regulations that generally apply to the manufacturing and sales of food items in New York. There are, however, limitations under the Home Processor Exemption, such as the types of food products covered by the exemption, how the sales may be made, and where the products may be sold. Click here to learn more. It is your obligation, as the user of the App, to ensure that your food sales comply with the New York regulations (such as ensuring that your food products are “non-potentially hazardous home processed foods” and that your food products are properly labeled. Remember also that to benefit from the Home Processor Exemption, you must register with New York State,click here to see the instructions for submitting the form.

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