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Food delivered from Local Vendors

Supporting Local vendors in more ways than one

What can you do?

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Support your local chefs. Place orders from their kitchens.

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Order food from your campus kitchen.


Contact us for partnership opportunities if you are a chef.

Marketplace Highlights

Saavor is a great resource for individuals and businesses looking for home-cooked or locally prepared food.


Meal boxes delivered via Saavor.


Connecting more businesses and local vendors. Creating an environment where everyone can support each other.

On-demand and pre-ordering

Some kitchens accept on-demand orders while others do not. Kitchens that require pre-orders do not have regular brick and mortar facilities like other food establishments.

Our Home-Kitchens / Local Food Vendors

Food Safety

Our partners are vetted and all our chefs have their food-handlers license. All our partners understand the importance of food safety, hygiene and the requirements of their customers. Some of the local chefs also operate from a licensed commercial kitchen facility.


We ensure that our kitchens have the proper permits to operate their business. Our partners have been inspected for compliance and have the required permits by their state’s health department.

The Menu

We have wide variety of culturally diverse menu set at low price.


Food Delivery

Saavor Runner delivers your order fast for the best Saavor experience.