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Bistro (Sell food with us)

We’re working with a world of kitchens: why not yours? Open your Home Kitchen, Restaurants, or catering business and customize the menu every day on our app.

Restaurant/Food Truck

Have your popular dishes and today's special advertised on our application. Keep changing the menu whenever.


Spread love via your home kitchen. Create masterpieces.

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Discover Now (Provide services)

As a Saavor Chef, mixologist or server, you have the opportunity to provide services to your nearby community. Saavor welcomes individuals and companies to provide services.


Get yourself or the company registered on our application with just a few clicks. Enjoy the benefits.

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Once approved, provide these services at your convenience. Be mindful of the ratings and reviews on the application.

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Set Rates

You set your own rates. Change it accordingly to acquire more customers.

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Time Tracking

There is a One Time Password that will be sent to both you and your customers to keep track.

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Ulyx (deliver food and earn)

You spoke - we listened! Ulyx is loaded with useful features because of your input in the design.

Ulyx Partner

As our Ulyx partner you can manage your account with ease and provide your services as you please.

Earn better

Our Ulyx partners take advantage of a nominal service fee. Manage your balance with ease and earn more on larger orders.

Better tracking facility.

We made it easier to track your route and we even consider the tolls or tunnels that you go through.

About Saavor

Get To Know Us

We began with an idea, or rather, a craving. A craving for a home cooked meal. Do you remember the joy of opening your lunchbox to discover that your mom packed your favorite food? Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could experience that same sensation again? Welcome to Saavor. 

Here at Saavor we are connecting passionate home cooks, pioneers of the culinary arts, adventurous Bartenders, home-kitchens, restaurants and even servers - to you! Its easy - you make a choice, a delicious one, a Saavorful one.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the bridge that connects people to a world of culinary experts, mixologists, and neighborhood kitchens and your platform of choice -incorporating the most innovative technology based on user market needs.

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